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Our team

The Team

Sustainable Food Somerset is run by a Board of Trustees who are all volunteers but who bring extensive experience in campaigning, charity fundraising, business management, marketing and communications, as well as a passionate interest in food, farming and environmental issues. We also have a range of partners working on food, farming and sustainability issues throughout Somerset

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Stewart Crocker

Chair of Sustainable Food Somerset, a founding member of its predecessor Wells Food Network and co-founder of the Somerset Food Trail, Stewart has a background in both farm management and campaigning. He started his career in farming but became an environmental conservationist. His appointments include Executive Director of Waste Watch and Senior Independent Board Member and Vice Chair of Friends of the Earth 2008-16. He brings director level experience of charity fundraising, campaigning, business management and leadership to the team.

Graham Harvey

Environmental campaigner and writer Graham Harvey has spent 40 years delivering hard-hitting critiques of industrial agriculture and its impact on wildlife and the countryside. He was the former agricultural story editor of Radio 4's The Archers ("I liked to think of myself as a kind of undercover agent for nature embedded in this much-loved programme," he says) and a winner of the Natural World Book Prize for environmental writing. Now he's bringing his passion for 'real farming' to Sustainable Food Somerset.

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Liz Pickering

Liz has over 20 years’ experience working in PR, marketing and events management. Clients have included Parmesan Cheese, Sicilian Wines, BBCi Food, London Elects, London Tourist Board, and the Home Office. She lives next to a water meadow on the edge of the Somerset Levels and is working with FWAG and Reimagining the Levels to restore it for wildlife and to 'slow the flow' of water into the river Cary. The scheme involves, planting hundreds of metres of new hedges, digging scrapes, riparian planting, woodland creation, and lots of mud, but also skylarks, hares and barn owls!

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Theresa Simon

Theresa set up her PR agency Theresa Simon & Partners in 2001 offering media relations for clients across the visual and performing arts, architecture, design and lifestyle. Business development emerged as a natural extension of this work and in recent years Theresa’s focus has shifted to projects that generate social and environmental benefit. She consults to circular economy visionaries who are trying to disrupt consumer behaviour.

Susie Weldon

A communications professional, Susie is a founding member of Wells Food Network (the predecessor to Sustinable Food Somerset), and the Somerset Food Trail. She was an award-winning journalist for 20 years before moving into international development and communications. She has strong experience of managing and promoting environmental issues, such as sustainable agriculture.  

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